New member
In game username- oopskai
Discord username-kai.west#0234
What is your legal first name-Kayleigh
How old are you- 15

1.In which country do you live in and what is your time zone?-

United States and eastern standard time.

2. If someone were to describe you as a player on Rytale with 3 words what words would they use?-

3.Describe your previous staff experience-
During Girl Scouts I was put in charge of a christmas stocking drive where I was in charge of 10 or 15 kids about 5 or 6 years younger then me
4.How long have you been on the server for and how active are you?-
I've been on the server since mid June I believe and im pretty active school has just started school ill be active more on the weekends rather then weekdays.

5.How often can you play each day-

I can play more for multiple hours but during the week maybe a few hours after school if I have time but I can squeeze some time in.

6.What do you plan on doing to help Rytale grow as a network and a community?-
I can share the server with friends see if they can spread the server with people they trust will be a good addition to the server.

7.In your own words, what does it mean to be a staff member?-
It means to be helpful and be able to help people when they need help and being understanding and being a good listener to people when they need help solving any problems they have.

8.What are some of your strengths? How can you use this strength to help the server?-
My biggest strength is my good listening skills, I think it could help the server by being able to listen to people very well and be able to really understand what they may need or what they need help with.

9.What is your biggest weakness? How do you think you can improve on this weakness?-

My biggest weakness is my social skills I sometimes have trouble talking to people and figuring out their intention or emotions I can improve my weaknesses by talking to more people and getting to know them.

10. If you could change one thing about Rytale, what would that be and why?-

I would change the layout of the market place and including the market number one the signs outside of the market because I myself forget market numbers and get lost sometimes when trying to find a specific market.

11.What three words you would use to describe the current staff team- nice, helpful,caring

12.Which current staff member have you had the most contact with and why?-
I don't think I've talk to any of the staff but I did talk to gravy when my friend joined the sever because I was showing him around the market place and we ran into them.

13.Do you have any planned vacations or periods you will be inactive in the next two months?-

I won't be inactive like uncontactable but I will be in school for 8 hours but after school I will be active if needed.

14.Is there anything else we need to know about you?-

I don't believe so

Scenario questions-
What would you do if a player is asking for a claim to be removed on the towny server-

I would make sure they have proof of being in the town first and ask if they were the person who. made the claim and if not I would make sure they had the permission from the person who made the claim or have the person who made the claim contact me.

If a player is auto-fishing on towny,what actions would you take.-

I would ask them to stop auto-fishing as anything auto is not aloud unless it has a kill switch.

If you were on the towny server and teleporeted to a player who was afk mining, how would you deal with this.-

I am not sure what I would do I don't know what actions are needed to be taken against people who do things like that I would like to know though.

If you saw a player on the network using racial or any other slurs what would you do?-

At first I would ask them to stop im not sure what I can and can't do against some things.

If you were on the towny server and witnessed another player threateningly say " im going to DDos the sever",how would you deal with this situation?-
if I was a normal player I would tell a admin or a mod immanently, if I was apart of staff I would imminently take action to make that does not happen.

If a player on Rytale says they never received their lord rank, what would you do to help them? first I would make sure they actually got the rank to make sure they were not scamming and then I would proceed to help them get the rank in whatever ways I can.
If denied, do you agree to not argue with the recruiter?
Do you agree not to ask a staff member to look at your application?
Do you agree to help players even if you are denied?
of course
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