Rytale Network

Posted by Morkie,

Hello, everyone!

Rytale has officially released and has been out for about 3 days. Duels will be available once the plugin is updated to 1.17.

We hope to see you in-game. Our IP address is play.rytale.net.

Things to do:
- /vote
- /discord

Additionally, we have made some changes to the server:

- Jobs balance improvements
- GUI typo fix

Posted by Morkie,

We are super excited to be announcing that Rytale will be releasing soon. In fact, Rytale will be releasing roughly around the same time Minecraft version 1.17 will be releasing! We have worked very hard on Rytale and listened to many of the suggestions that have been provided.

To celebrate the release, this month the top voter will be earning a $25 gift card of their choice!
New Features
New and improved cosmetics
- Custom achievements
- Jobs and an overall better economy
- Playtime, referrals, vouchers, and more!
- Better voting perks
- Better optimization and performance. Better ping and loading times
- Duels (1v1 matches) - 3 maps included on release
- Build worlds in addition to resource worlds
- Anticheat
- Filtered tab completion
- Marketplace
- New server builds
- ... and much more!

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