Respect All Players

All players have the right to be spoken to. All players have the right to be addressed to in a respectful manner. Treat players the way you would like to be treated.

Respect the belongings of other players. Do not steal from or grief other players. Do not lock other players’ chests or items.

Respect other towns and give them some space. Ask before claiming or creating near or around other towns. There’s plenty of room to create a town!

No Cheating or Exploiting

Use of hacked clients is not permitted. Anything that gives a player an unfair advantage is not tolerated on Rytale.

Abusing a bug is considered exploiting. Please report all bugs to any staff member right away.

Trying to break the economy and exploiting any features on the server is not allowed. If you believe something is wrong with the economy and is unbalanced, please let a staff member know.

Proper Communication

Here on Rytale, we strive to be a family-friendly server. The use of profanity is not allowed in-game and on the Discord chats. (Discord voice calls are not moderated.)

Bypassing the filter is not allowed. This includes the use of signs, item names, etc.

Posting inappropriate links is not allowed. Explicit images are not allowed on the Discord server and the in-game image maps.

Advertising other servers is not allowed. Posting IP addresses or asking players to join another server in public chat is prohibited.

Inappropriate Behavior

As a family-friendly server, we do not tolerate inappropriate behavior. Building vulgar or offensive builds are not allowed on Rytale.

We also ask players to not beg for any items, ranks, or money. Inappropriate use of the Auction System is not allowed. This includes overpricing or underpricing, renaming items inappropriately, and spamming the Auction System.

Hefty Server Contraptions

Lag intensive grinders, machines, contractions, or farms are not allowed on Rytale. We wish to provide the best gameplay experience for all players. In order to achieve this, we ask that players install on/off switches on their machines.

Additionally, the creation of farms that exploit the economy is not permitted. This can include, but is not limited to, gold, iron, emerald farms, etc.


- Do not use hateful speech or slurs in the minecraft chat or in the discord.

- Do not use profanity when talking in the minecraft chat or in the discord.

- Do not talk about inappropriate topics.